First Aid Box Products

We are developing a range of First Aid Survival Gear products that we want to use while we are out and about. With these type of survival tools we are looking for products that are:

  • quick and easy to use
  • lightweight
  • compact
  • strong and well made

Emergency supplies that are needed for survival first aid are often items you don’t need as often as your regular first aid items. That doesn’t mean they are less important. Quite the contrast! Usually they are needed in life and death situations. Therefore, although you won’t be using them as often, it is of utmost importance that you DO have them.

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Combat Application Tourniquet

Combat Application Tourniquet

  • ONE PERSON APPLICATION – This Combat Application Tourniquet band is a simple to use pull velcro strap designed to reduce blood loss quickly and effectively without the need to re-thread webbing through a buckle.
  • QUICK TO USE – best tourniquet band for hunting and hiking as it comes in a fully sealed zip lock package with gauze and tape allowing CAT to be strapped in an easy to grab location on your pack or body separate from the rest of your first aid supplies
  • WIDE 38MM STRAP – providing pressure over a wide area to ensure additional arterial compression
  • HIGH STRENGTH / LIGHT WEIGHT – easy to carry around all day while minimising additional weight but maintaining a high quality tool in an emergency situation.
  • HOOK AND LOOP WINDLASS – simple and sturdy design that maintains pressure without the use of screws and clips which can be difficult to use under stressful situations.

Quality CE Aproved Combat Application Tourniquet Set

Whether it’s military combat, hunting, hiking, extreme sports or remote adventures it’s important to be prepared with the best tools for any emergency situation.

In a medical emergency that requires a tourniquet you do not want to be threading buckles but having a quick pull and lock application that will allow you to stop blood flow quickly and effectively.

The Combat Application Tourniquet by MyFirstAidBox is a high quality CE approved medical device (A European standard for medical devices which meets the requirements of the Medical Device Directive and appropriate Quality System standards). It is an easy to use design of non slip velcro, a quick pull system to tighten tourniquet around limb and simple to use under stressful conditions without complications. The strong wide webbing and reinforced windlass clip provide a trustworthy life saving device.

With the Myfirstaidbox combat application tourniquet also comes a gauze and tape set. This is to assist in emergency wound care. It is all packaged in a fully sealed water and dust proof zip lock packaging. This allows your tourniquet to be stored separately to main first aid supplies in an easy to grab location on your pack.

MyFirstAidBox offers a 60 Day Money Bank Guarantee.100% Satisfaction Guarantee that if for any reason you are not happy with your MyFirstAidBox Combat Application Tourniquet please return it for a full refund.

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