survival pack food supplies

Survival Pack food supplies

Whenever we grab our survival pack and head bush, it is usually for hunting, camping and occasionally, much to my wife’s delight, some horseriding as well! We always make sure we pack my first aid box as well as some survival pack snacks.

Food is not usually too much of an issue because we set up a base camp where we can drive in using our trusty 4WD Totoyta Landcruiser. From base camp we mainly cook over a fire or on our portable gas BBQ. Meat and cold goods get stored in the Waeco car fridge and the rest is kept stored securely in a clip lock plastic box.

Never leave food out while you are out bush as you invite the wildlife to help themselves! Keeping it in a plastic tub with a clip lock lid keeps your food secure as well as preventing any smells to invite unwanted visitors!

When we head out for a hunt or hike, you never know what might happen so even though we have fresh food back at camp, we always make sure we have survival supplies with us also. Our favourite food to take with us is:

  • beef jerky
  • condensed milk in tube’s
  • powedered protein shake sachet’s (just add water!)
  • energy bars
  • Snack size chocolate bars

Whether you get stuck in a situation and can’t get back to base camp in time for tucker, you get lost or you just get hungry,  these snacks are light, don’t take up much space and give you an energy and protein boost.

So where are you planning on heading to next with your survival pack?

Is Your First Aid Box Going to Save Your Life?

What is the most important item in a survival first aid box? Most people might think it would be the aloe vera gel for sunburn or antiseptic cream. When planning your first aid kit items we have to think about the risks and accidents that might happen. In real survival outdoor activities, there are a number of life and death incidences we need to prepare for. I definitely want my buddies and I to come home from my adventures alive and we have to pack light, so what do we take?

The Item Every Survival First Aid Box Should Have…

One of the key survival items every First Aid Box should contain is a Combat Application Tourniquet. If you think they are only necessary for those involved in the army or in real combat situations then you are mistaken.

All survival enthusiasts who are into spearfishing, camping, hunting or simply being in nature in remote areas need to consider the dangers included. Therefore every survival first aid box should contain an Combat Application Tourniquet.

When looking for a Combat Application Tourniquet, there are some features you should look out for:

  1. Your tourniquet ought to have a wide, strong band. Make sure it has a modern design of a velcro quick pull strap and light but strong plastic windlass and slide in clip.
  2. Your tourniquet should be simple and quick to use. With a velcro strap and quick pull loop you can create good pressure fast. Look for a quick pull and click attachment as well as a velcro strap.
  3. The older metal windlass and thumb screw connection system is not as good. It is a slower technique for securing it tightly to the limb.

Remembering these components will help you buy a tough and successful Combat Application Tourniquet. It will help you save a life fast! Expect to pay around $25 – $35 for a good quality tourniquet.

You are now ready to set up your First Aid Kit contents. We have attached a link below of a Combat Application Tourniquet that has all the above features. There are some additional things that are included as well. Tape and sterile gauze. These are not to stop the bleeding but to create a sterile barrier for any bandage you may use. If you aren’t carrying Quick Clot then your jumper or shirt can be used to wrap around the wound. It’s important to keep the wound sterile. This is the only tourniquet product that seems to come with these extra items.

The other feature we like about this Combat Application Tourniquet is it’s packaging. It is sealed in a dust/water re-sealable pack that you can strap to your survival gear or hunting pack. Keep your tourniquet in an easy to grab location and it’s ready to apply. Check out the tourniquet now!

Stay safe and build the essential First Aid Box for survival!

Welcome to My First Aid Box!

survival tools

Have an excellent first aid box and survival tools if hunting or camping in remote locations

Our family love to be outdoors. We especially love hunting deer and spearfishing. We have learnt over the years that the more remote you are and the more risky your activities, the better my First Aid Box needs to be!

And since we usually have to carry everything we need, it also needs to be light and compact.

Combat Application Tourniquet

Our first product to be released is the Combat Application Tourniquet. It is essential in any survival equipment set up as it really does mean the difference between life and death in a big injury that requires emergency medical procedures.

When you are a long way from help, it can stop a bleed out very effectively.

Check out our product page which will give you all the information you need on this handy and quick to use survival tool! You can also go straight to our Combat Application Tourniquet on Amazon!